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Red River County Non-Compliant Jail Report

Jail Name
Red River County 
Report Date
Number of days
Wendy Wisneski 
Original Report
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Notes and Summary

This report follows a custody death of Christopher Cabler, who had known prior suicide attempts and was not receiving his medications as prescribed. More about this case and the federal lawsuit that ensued can be found in the Texarkana Gazette.

  • After reviewing medical documentation, it was determined that medications prescribed after a hospital visit were only administered for three days with no indication that the medication had been discontinued. There were two additional medications that were given to Inmate Cabler where no corresponding doctor’s order for those medications
    could be provided.
  • There was no documentation submitted to prove that a referral was made to an available mental health official as required on the Screening Form for Suicide and Medical/Mental/Developmental Impairments. The magistrate was notified; however, the magistrate notification form was filled out incorrectly and did not advise the magistrate
    of the indicators documented on the mental health screening form nor was the CCQ match reported as required by Article 16.22 of the CCP.
  • The Screening Form for Suicide and Medical/Mental/Developmental Impairments was not filled out in its entirety as required by minimum jail standards.
Violation Types
  • Health Services - Chapter 273: Health Services

Red River County Non-compliant Jail Reports

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