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Non-Compliant Jail Reports

Active Noncompliant Jail Reports  20
Mental Health Related Reports  15
Percentage of active reports with at least one mental health related violation  75%
2023 reports involving a custody death  14

The Texas Commission on Jail Standards (TCJS) has four inspectors who are required to conduct at least a yearly inspection of the 241 county jails in our state to ensure that they are in compliance with the Texas Minimum Jail Standards as codified in the Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 9. When jails are found to be out of compliance, the commission files a report which is used as the basis for inquiry at the quarterly hearings–attended by the Sheriffs–of the TCJS on the State Capitol.

These reports are also available on the TCJS website but only for a short time. Once they’re taken off, it takes an expensive FOIA request to acquire them. We are working on getting as many of these reports as possible. Our hope is to track the jails that are repeat offenders and find a pattern of neglect, abuse and/ deaths in custody.

For more in depth details on county jail populations, checkout this frequently updated report by Rapid ATX.

Updated 11.17.23

Texas Non-Compliant Jail Reports Database

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